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 We offer Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Solution

1. Starter Package

R250 per month & R15 per GIG
R700 Installation Fee

2. Business Bundle

R400 per monthly

Package includes monthly connection fee, Website & Email, Domain Name, 5gigs data,
R900 Installation Fee

3. Personalized Options

Speak to us to make a customized package that suits your or your business needs,.
We can offer you voip calling options if you require a phone.
We offer complex, office block and street group rates and packages.


What sets us apart:

  • Full Wireless Centre in your premesis nbo network cables
  • Uncapped Service - Pay As You Use
  • I am available on my cellphone 24/7
  • Up to 10mbs
  • Month to Month - No Fixed Term Contracts
  • No landline or telecom or fixed line connection require
  • No Call centers
  • Personalized packages tailor made just for you
  • Multiple backup sources to eliminate the chanceof down time.
  • Earn free hosting with Spiderink's Rewards Program
  • Voip Call Options on Request (turn your wi-fi into a telephone)